Suga Productions produces film, music videos, innovative short films, promos, television, and web content with an experienced team that loves to create art in the entertainment industry. Suga Productions also creates corporate web content for companies providing creative conceptual directing, treatments, cinematography, sound, editing services and production in music videos, film, business web content, post-production and styling for all of your production needs! Multi-Media

Suga Productions will produce quality entertainment that will captivate its audience by taking them away to a place where they can laugh, cry or kick up their feet and enjoy life!

Suga Productions will produce various genres of film and television by creating a new and improved approach to entertainment that will remind us of the familiar shows such as Friends, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, The Jaime Foxx Show, Seinfeld and others to name. Today, the demand for "non-scripted" reality tv programming is a growing phenomenon filled with fighting, sex, “too drunk to remember”, disrespectful obscene happenings that effect our society. Today when we turn on the television there are drunken men and women falling on sidewalks, people spitting in each other’s faces and kissing countless amounts of men and women. Television was created as a treat and for information, not to exploit ourselves in a negative way. Suga Productions wants to captivate and have audiences yearn for more in the film and television industry. Suga Productions aim is to take advantage of the drama, action, romance, horror and comedy market to create an evolving spectrum of entertainment.



Music Rehearsal Studio Space, Performance Evaluation and Training, Vocal Training, Technique, Voice And Diction, Breathing Control, Microphone Training.

Breathing exercises to aid in correct breathing, support and control breathing and support.
Fitness/Physical Exercises
Ear training, vocal tune, scales and pitching exercises,
Correct posture, choreography and movement.
Vocal Health and nutrition.

Interested in Booking a session? Book here or Call 347-470-7842 or email

 Interested in Booking a session? 
<-Book here or Call 347-470-7842 



Suga Productions was founded by Multi-Media Entertainer Mo Brown in April 2010 with experience in conceiving, directing, and producing film. Multi-Media Entertainer Mo Brown is a Film Director & Producer for Suga Productions, a Host, Voice Over & Recording Artist, Actress, and has worked with Essence, Covergirl, Black Enterprise, Samsung, Mic Check Wednesdays, HBO/Cinemax, Trojan, and more. Brown has toured in musical theater and can be found in film, on-stage, television, commercials, music videos and on radio broadcasts. She has won entertainment awards including the Black Women's Film Network Award and will have you Engulfed, Engaged and Entertained in the world of Entertainment! You can find more at www.MoBrownSuga.comSuga Productions creates great entertainment to help escape the viewers from the harsh realities of the world and give them something to enjoy as being the “next best thing to sliced bread”. Suga Productions is currently producing a comedy web and television pilot/sitcom music videos, and featured film.

Production Team
Jeremy Batchelor - Cinematographer
Xavier Francis – Producer
Nickia Williams – Make-Up Artist
Saro Varjabedian - Director Of Photography, Director, Cinematographer
Patrice Waite - Photographer/Videographer/Editor/Media Assist.
Jessica Molina - Production Coordinator 'Tears Of A Phoenix'/'Hating On Love' Music Video
Lyndon McCray - McCray Media Editor and Post Production
Jade Ford- Stylist - 'Hating On Love' / Electric Red EP
Crystal Abrams- Make-Up - 'Hating On Love' / Electric Red EP
Taniqua Owens - Make- Up - 'Tears Of A Phoenix'
Nathan Millete - G&E/Lighting 'Tears Of A Phoenix' / 'Hating On Love' Music Video
Mukta Payne - Gr&E/Lighting 'Tears Of A Phoenix' / 'Hating On Love' Music Video
Patrick Poisson - Sound - 'Tears Of A Phoenix'
Andre Raffington - Sound - 'Tears Of A Phoenix'
Brandon Wilde - Production Assistant - 'Tears Of A Phoenix'
Ashley Nyx - Production Manager, Associate Producer for Suga Productions
David A. Bynoe - Production Assistant
Damon Smith - Art Director, Production Manager, Assistant Director
Terri Cann -Associate Producer for Way of Escape; Casting for Tears Of A Phoenix
Tiffany Jordan - Writer - Tears Of A Phoenix
LaVarro Jones - Producer, Editor
Emiliano Styles MultiMedia Filmmaker, Editor
Gabrielle Smith - Production Coordinator